The Creative Path Programme

The Creative Path is a series of workshops that looks at creativity inherent in each of us and which very often gets blocked and for many gets interrupted by the challenges of modern day living. The Creative Path will offer you the opportunity to be part of a creative collective where you can take account of your life, challenge your old ways of thinking and through a creative process set you out on a new path for life.

The structure for the programme and the creative process will be guided using Julia Cameron's Artist's Way as one of the tool kits.

It offers fun, creative and inspirational approaches to help you take small steps in the direction of where you want to go. it encourages gratitude and appreciation for all you have achieved to date and belief in your own abilities. The programme helps you to focus on your core passions, resilience and resourcefulness, often the things people take for granted in their own lives.

The Creative Path workshopThe Creative Path  with Nuala McKeever