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St Patrick Day Stress Relief

Happy Paddy’s Day to you all. I had my first cycle of the year this morning in the company of ‘The Cycling Belles’. I loved every moment, great fun, plenty of fresh air and exercise! We cycled past all the people getting ready to take part in today’s parade. It makes me very proud to live here. There was creativity in abundance. May I salute all those responsible. Many congrats! Ursula


The next The Creative Path Playhouse Theatre Derry commences on Wed 15 April 2015 (for 12 weeks) at the Playhouse Derry which offers the opportunity to be part of a CREATIVE COLLECTIVE where you can take account of your life, challenge your old ways of thinking and through a creative process learn to:
– Recognise your true potential and life’s purpose
– Celebrate your skills and talents
– Challenge your negative chatterbox
– Awaken your passion and realise your dreams
– explore what stops you from changing the things you want to
– Take time to reflect with like-minded people
– Discover that positive as well as negative experiences are
building blocks for the future
To enroll or request more information, please contact URSULA MCHUGH by emailing or sending a private message. For some testimonials, prices etc, please view the posters below. Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way is used as one of the tool kits and can be purchased in Little Acorns Bookstore  (Derry) in Bedlam, Pump Street.